Our process - How we work

At Astro, we believe in efficiency and maximizing our resources to provide the best value to our clients. We take pride in our approach, which includes utilizing the knowledge and experience gained from developing a variety of projects over the past decade.


At Astro, we initiate every project with a thorough discovery phase where we closely collaborate with our clients to understand their needs and goals. Our approach involves immersing ourselves in their daily operations to gain a comprehensive understanding of what drives their business forward.

Instead of private investigators and trash digging, we rely on meticulous research and data analysis to uncover valuable insights. Our experienced team then formulates a comprehensive plan that includes in-depth questionnaires, feasibility studies, and employee surveys, all while respecting your privacy.

Once the audit is complete, we present you with a comprehensive plan, and most importantly, a budget that ensures your project's success.

Included in this phase

  • In-depth questionnaires
  • Feasibility studies
  • Data analysis
  • Employee surveys
  • Proofs-of-concept


Building on the insights from the discovery phase, we create a comprehensive project roadmap to guide us toward successful delivery. Our roadmap may appear intricate, but it's designed to ensure efficiency rather than drag the project out.

Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who serves as a vital point of contact, ensuring seamless communication. Our account managers don't delay responses; instead, they maintain transparency while our development team actively works on your project.

Our account managers don't wait until after hours to reply to emails, and we certainly don't repurpose code. Our goal is to create unique, top-quality solutions tailored to your needs.

Astro provided regular progress updates that assured us they were fully engaged in our project.

Debra Fiscal, CEO of Unseal


Midway through the Build phase, we maintain flexibility to accommodate any changing requirements, ensuring we meet your evolving needs. We push project timelines slightly to provide room for adjustments, which allows for final budget adjustments.

While we use pre-built components efficiently, most progress is made in the final stages. We don't save everything for the last 24 hours; instead, we focus on delivering value by ensuring main features are fully functional at launch.

We prioritize thorough testing, reliable infrastructure, and ongoing support. You can count on us for a lasting partnership.

Included in this phase

  • Thorough Testing. Our projects always have rigorous testing to ensure reliability.
  • Robust Infrastructure. We invest in top-tier infrastructure to deliver a reliable solution.
  • Long-term Support. Our commitment extends beyond launch, with continuous support and maintenance.

Our values - Balancing reliability and innovation

At Astro, we strive to blend reliability with innovation. While we keep an eye on emerging trends and technologies, we believe in the value of tried-and-true solutions. Our core values guide us in making informed decisions that best serve your project.

  • Meticulous. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your project is perfectly tailored to your needs.
  • Efficient. Our efficient processes ensure that we never miss deadlines.
  • Adaptable. We adapt to unique business needs, even if it means customizing what we've built.
  • Honest. We maintain transparency in all our processes, even though we know that clients rarely read every word.
  • Loyal. Our commitment to long-term relationships goes beyond delivering a product. Expect invoices for decades.
  • Innovative. While we appreciate technological evolution, we balance it with tried-and-true solutions to provide you with the best.

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